Goal/Objective Analysis Template

As you may have experienced, defining the project goals and objectives early on in the project life cycle.

The SMART technique can be challenging to perform without performing thorough analysis of the problem you are attempting to solve.

I have used many resources that others generously shared over PM/BA networks and build upon them to create my own technique for identifying and trakcing goals and objectives.

This Goal Analysis Template consists of 5 elements.

A higher-level intent behind conducing the project. The ultimate reason.Objectives: You can call them sub-goals or whatever would be needed to do in order to realize the goal. Each goal would include at least 2 goals. If you end up with only 1 objective for a particular goal, you  might want to re-evaluate because the goals you have identified could just be an objective that should be part of another goal.
The tasks and activities that you need to perform in order to achieve an objective. This is still high level because you do not want to end up recreating a requirements document.
Expected Output 
What you expect to produce in you input the tasks included in the Input column.
Numbers. As John Novak, PMP commented on my previous post on LinkedIn, “some” is not a number and “soon” is not a time. Be as specific as you can and include minutes, second, dates, etc. as appropriate.

I hope this template helps. Please share your thoughts.

Download Goal Analysis Template  here 

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